Termin: 09.04.2020 um 14:00 Uhr | Enddatum: 09.04.2020

„Live“ auf der Videoplattform zoom

Wie man Ostern in Coronazeiten feiern kann. Mehr dazu nun auf Englisch:

Hi friends around the Globe,

please feel invited for the second Global Ecumenical Hangout! This time we will share about celebrating Easter in Coronatimes.

The Global Ecumenical Hangout is a digital ecumenical space for mutual exchange, reflection and support of each other. It started in March 2020, when people from Christian networks came together via Zoom to share about how our daily life changed due to Corona.

What can you expect: We come together in the group of all participants for prayers – and in groups of two, face to face, for a personal sharing. God gave us a spirit of love! And when we connect and share, we will learn from each other and become empowered! The event is open for people from other or none faith backgrounds, if they like to pray with us.

Many of the participants asked for a next meeting. So here it comes:

Thursday, 9 April 2020, 2:00 pm UTC+2 (MEZ)
For local times, please check examples below or a timezoneconverter.
For this week, 9 April, the dial-in link is:
Meeting ID: 667 374 400
Password: 368267
For information about next meetings, please join this group, where we post next events and the dial-in informations. Next meetings are planned for Thursday, 23 April, 7 Mai and 21 Mai 2020.
We are looking forward seeing you at the #globalecumenicalhangout
Carolin Daubertshaeuser
Christina Biere
Lioba Diez

(Germany) and

Mathew Chandrankunnel


There is also a Facebook Group “Global Ecumenical Hangout”. Please join it and check the dial-in information for the next Hangouts on

Thursday, 23 April,

7 Mai and 21 Mai 2020.